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Bodywork & Wheel Refurbishment:
020 7435 0941

Car detailing in North London

Detailing – it’s a step up from car valeting.

Detailing starts with a valet. Then we really get to work. We go over every nook and cranny on your car to take it as close as possible to the finish it had the day it was created.

Detailing involves removing the wheels and getting all the dirt off them and the arches behind, getting in behind the headlights with a toothbrush, cleaning the engine block, going over the upholstery with a fine toothcomb. The list is endless. Our detailing technician usually spends about two days per car.

You will end up with a car good enough to drive the Queen around in. Classic car enthusiasts refer to this as “concourse condition“.

Having your car detailed is something really special. If you would like us to do a detailing job on your car then give us a call on 020 8201 8030.

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