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Tesla Customisations

Tesla Customisations North London

There’s a lot to like about the Tesla but we do a lot of work customising people’s cars to give them a bit more of an edge. Here are some of the major Tesla customisations we do:

  • Tesla Body Kits – we have a range of body kits we can fit to your Tesla, we can also spray them to match the original Tesla paintwork or you could go for something new.
  • Dechroming – not everyone likes all that chrome you get on the Teslas, we can dechrome and convert to black. It makes the Tesla look a lot cooler (we think).
  • Tesla wheel repairs – if your Tesla has scratched or damaged wheels we can repair the wheels, saving you a small fortune in the process. We are also the only spray shop in the country to stock the *original Tesla wheel colour.
  • White interior? We can protect it – A lot of Teslas have white or light coloured interiors, we apply special ceramic coatings which protect your interior from dirt and water. These coatings are incredible, providing protection from liquids and minor scratches. They work for both leather and fabric.

If you are interested in any Tesla customisations then call us today on 020 7435 0941.

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