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Claim Handling

General Enquires / Vehicle Repairs and Service:
020 8201 8030

Free Insurance Claims Handling

Had a prang?

Something worse?

Handling a car insurance claim is often time-consuming and emotionally fraught. We take the pain away by handling your claim for FREE. Yes, I did just say that. We do all the letter-writing and negotiation with the insurance companies for FREE.

Why get Woodstock Motors to handle your insurance claim on your behalf?

The reason why we do the work for free is we potentially want to get the repair work associated with getting your vehicle back together again. We are insurance-approved by a lot of insurance companies and the main benefit to you is we charge less that the big “insurance approved” sites that seem to get most of the work these days. A smaller claim means your premiums are lower going forward.

So getting us to handle your claim is good for you and us and the person or object you had the collision with.

Please complete as much information as you can on the form below and then hit the submit button. Alternatively you can download the form here and send it by email or Fax: 0845 611 8382

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Claims Hotline:
020 8201 8030


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