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If you breakdown

Vehicle Recovery Hotline:
020 8455 6097 (24/7)

Car breakdown tips

Safety is the number one consideration if your car breaks down. That means safety of you, your passengers and other road users.

When you are driving, if you feel your car is not running properly or warning lights appear on your dashboard the advice is to keep driving cautiously to a point where you can pull off the road or park safely. If you are on a motorway try to leave at the next exit or services. Once safely stopped you can then check your vehicle to decide whether to call for roadside assistance, our 24hr Call Centre is available on 020 8455 6097.

In the event of a full Breakdown follow our safety guidelines.

On a Motorway 

Breaking down on a motorway can be dangerous, with cars hurtling past at 70+mph, you need to get over to hard shoulder as safely as possible.

  • Stop as far left as possible on the hard shoulder. Once stopped turn your steering wheel to the left.
  • Put your HAZARD LIGHTS on.
  • Exit the vehicle from left-hand side, closest to the verge.  
  • When on a Motorway NEVER attempt to fix the vehicle yourself.
  • Get everyone out of the car and stand behind the crash barrier if there is one. If you are travelling with children keep them with you at all times. Pets should be left in the car.
  • Find the nearest emergency telephone and call for assistance – this will also pinpoint your location. The roadside markers will point you in the direction of the nearest phone. When walking to the phone keep as far away from the traffic as possible.

On other Roads   

Breaking down on quieter roads in cities and towns can be less stressful, but you still have to beware of other traffic.

  • Pull over to a safe place away from traffic.
  • Put your HAZARD LIGHTS on. If it is dark put your side-lights on also.
  • Safely exit the car.
  • If necessary, put your warning triangle 50m behind your car to alert on-coming traffic.
  • Use your mobile phone to call for assistance. Believe it or not, we are available 24hrs a day on 020 8455 6097.
  • Stay in your car until assistance arrives, you might find it safer to lock your doors if you are unsure of the area.    

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