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Tyre Pressure for Winter Driving

Tyres and Tyre Pressures

Good quality tyres are essential for safe driving especially in winter when the road surface can be wet, icy or covered in snow.

1. As temperatures fall in cold weather conditions the air pressure in your tyres will naturally drop, so you may need to pump up your tyres a bit. It should only take you five minutes to check your tyre pressures and it is worth doing it at the start of winter or when the first cold comes. And do not forget your spare wheel. It is generally advised to check tyre pressures every month.

2. Tyre tread depths are crucial for safe motoring, the legal limit in the UK for tread depth is 1.6mm. Tyres have tread wear indicators which is like a bar of raised rubber in the tread. These are indicated by the letters TWI on the shoulder of your tyre. When the TWI is level with the rest of the tread it is time for new tyres.

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