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General Enquires / Vehicle Repairs and Service:
020 8201 8030

At last! There is somewhere in North London that knows how to fit tyres

Are you fed up using tyre fitters who just do not seem to care about you, your car or your wheels?

A lot of tyre shops are simply interested in fitting as many tyres as fast as they can. Things like chipped rims and correct wheel balance they simply ignore.

At Woodstock we do it differently:

  • We help you select the right tyres based on your vehicle and driving style.
  • We clean your wheels and fully inspect them before we fit the new tyres. A dirty wheel affects the wheel balance.
  • We do not chip your rims.
  • We make sure your wheels are all set-up and aligned correctly.
  • We can arrange a time that is suitable for you. We can even collect your car if you like.

If you need a new set of tyres call us on 020 8201 8030.

By the way, we also supply and fit winter tyres.

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