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Winter Tyres

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If you need winter tyres, come to the only place in North London that will supply & fit winter tyres AND store, clean and refit your summer tyres

More and more drivers are getting winter tyres fitted to their vehicles from November through to February/March. Winter tyres have certain distinct advantages during the winter months:

1. The softer compound grips better at lower temperatures.

2. The extra “sipes” on tyres tend to cut through water, snow and frost better. Sipes are those little cuts you see on the tread blocks.

3. Typically winter tyres include silica in the tread compound which again helps with wet/cold grip.

Fitting winter tyres gives you better traction and improved braking distance at lower temperatures and in wet and snowy conditions.

winter tyres vs summer tyres

Just in case you haven’t noticed, British winters are getting more and more unpredictable. Wet one minute and freezing cold the next. Fitting winter tyres is an easy way to make sure you stay mobile if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

But do you want to throw away your old tyres? Certainly not. Which is why we offer a Winter tyre fitting and storage service for customers in North London. We can supply and fit a set of new winter tyres and then store your summer tyres (during winter) and your winter tyres (during summer).

The costs of supply, fit and storage of winter tyres are as follows. (It is cheaper if you buy your tyres from us.) These are the prices per season for one fit, clean, storage, refit and balance. If you want year-round tyre storage then it is double the figure.

One set of tyres for one season £160 – anyone

One set of tyres for one season £100 – if you buy your tyres from Woodstock Motors

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