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Now is definitely the time to make sure your car is fully secure. Manufacturer’s vehicle security systems are notoriously poor. We offer a comprehensive range of services to improve your car security:

GPS Trackers:

Probably the most effective option. Trackers allow you to monitor the real-time location of your vehicle and can significantly increase the chances of recovery if your car is stolen. Trackers are one of the best solutions because they offer easy recovery of your vehicle – no one takes any notice of alarms. Make sure you fit a Cat 5 tracker, which meets the Thatcham Research standards for vehicle security. These trackers offer advanced features such as remote engine immobilization and tamper alerts. If you only do one thing – fit a tracker – the cost of fitting a Cat 5 tracker is around £800-900 plus the monthly cost of a SIM card.

Ghost Alarms:

Ghost alarms, also known as immobilisers, provide an additional layer of security by preventing unauthorized individuals from starting your car. Ghost alarms require the input of a unique code or sequence before the engine can be started. Ghost alarms are effective in thwarting theft attempts as, even if thieves manage to gain physical access to your vehicle, they will not be able to drive away without the correct code. Cost to fit a ghost alarm is around £500-800.

Wheel Clamps & steering wheel locks

These are a good visible deterrent but, quite frankly, it is easiest to simply buy one off the Internet.


Deadlocks are additional locks installed on the doors of your vehicle, providing an extra level of resistance against forced entry. Unlike regular central locking systems, deadlocks require a unique key to open, making it more challenging for thieves to break into your car. Installing deadlocks on all doors can significantly improve the security of your vehicle. The only downside of deadlocks is they are less attractive because you suddenly have another keyhole in your door. For this reason, a lot of car owners do not like them. We would however recommend deadlocks to all van/campervan owners.

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