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Tesla Servicing

General Enquires / Vehicle Repairs and Service:
020 8201 8030

Tesla Servicing & Repairs in North London

Until recently, if you wanted to get your Tesla serviced or repaired you had to go to a Tesla dealer and pay main dealer prices. We now have full access to all Tesla parts and we have been servicing and repairing electric vehicles longer than any other garage in London. Tesla recently declared that their cars no longer needed regular servicing, however there are still parts of the car that need regular checking and often repair/replacement.

Suspension including wheel bearings is one area that sometimes needs repair simply because these are heavy vehicles. We are one of the few repair shops in the UK to have access to the full Tesla parts catalogue. We also have full access to the online Tesla toolbox for diagnostics. We prefer to fit genuine Tesla suspension parts simply because after-market products are untested. Watch this space to see if customers are happy to try an alternative – we will keep you updated. Tyres of course are required on a regular basis. Teslas tend to eat through tyres because of the power delivery and weight of the vehicle.

And something a lot of owners are unaware of is that you need to change the standard domestic battery on the Tesla every three years. That is the battery that runs the lights, etc and is a conventional lead-acid type car battery. We are NOT talking about the main power batteries. If this small battery goes, your car will not start.

List of services we can provide for your Tesla:

  • Servicing
  • Repairs
  • Tyres
  • Wheel repairs, alignment, tracking
  • Winter & Summer prep
  • Body repairs including smart repairs
  • Full range of customisations – see our separate Tesla customisations page.

We also have an electric courtesy car fleet. Sorry, they are not Teslas, but they are electric.

If you need work doing on your Tesla then give our workshop a call on 020 8201 8030.

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